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An Equity Crowdfunding platform looking to bring companies to investors with a view to a listing or trade sale within a 12-18 month period.
We take fees in the form of shares in the companies that we act for ensuring that our success is your success.
We work with companies all the way through from raising finance right through to exit for the clients.
We offer a secondary market exchange and corporate services to the companies, taking away the extra work from the companies management so that they may concentrate on growing the business to the benefit of everyone.
We will be announcing a new payment solution service that will revolutionise the way we crowdfund and trade private company shares. Instant touch of a button settlement and fund transfer. No more long settlement periods. Automatic instant account transfer of stock.
All of these opportunities can be invested in via the site or direct with Crowd Demo and investors can receive discounts on the investments by utilizing the Right Coin- The new Crypto Token that will offer up to 5% discount on future investment opportunities named by Crowd Demo.
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